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The parent test

What is the Parent Test?

At Bump & Born we want to make sure that everything we pass on to you is useful, makes your life easier, makes your little one more adorable or creates moments of laughter. For this reason we have created the parent test

We seek real families to review everything we sell. We want to make sure that what we sell is a good match and adding real value. 

In their exact words and using their pictures are what you see on each product page. Each Parent Test is there to help you decide whether that item's likely to be a good buy for you. 

We have the upmost trust in our Parent Testers. If something is reviewed as not good value for money or not great quality we will review the item as to whether it is continued to be sold. All reviews good or bad will be shown on our site 

Can I test stuff?

Of course, whilst we do limit the number of Parent tester per month. We want to hear from you. All we ask is; you like reviewing things and can take great pictures.


What do we need from you? 

1. Let us know the stage of your Maternity or Paternity journey. Your due date or age or your little one(s) 

2. Your review style / if you have reviewed items before? 

3. Your Instagram handle or/and your YouTube Channel 

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We hope to hear from you soon 

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